January 2019

Pastor Matt

Dear Sandy Creek Faith Family,

Dear Faith Family,

I pray the Lord blessed your celebration of the incarnation, that is the coming of God in flesh as the God-man Jesus Christ. We certainly enjoyed our time of fellowship and celebration at Sandy Creek. The choir offered a magnificent cantata that plainly presented the Gospel with a call to celebrate Jesus as our eternal King. We owe a special thanks to the choir and its leader, Mrs. Carly Woolfolk. In the same, the children presented a thoughtful revision of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. It is an awesome experience to see the children within fellowship teaching and communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ. This was an excellent culmination to a blessed year at Sandy Creek.

We expect God will continue to do great work through our church. Not the least of which are some special events we have planned in the coming year. Our commitment to see biblical truth shape our daily life, especially the family, has led us to plan to host a marriage enrichment event in February. Keep your eyes peeled for details as we work to bring nationally known speaker to Sandy Creek. We will also host a family event in May, a special concert for kids. Of course, this rolls right into Vacation Bible School. So, we have great year ahead that provides a continuing opportunity to impact the community around us with the love of Jesus Christ!

Of course, our primary function as His body is our aim to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry”. We need to be spiritually prepared to engage the world and, more importantly, the people God brings into our lives. I issued a challenge to open the New Year to “Stand Firm”, based on Paul’s teaching in Ephesians 6. We’ll continue honing our ability to be steadfast in our faith in the coming months. This includes working our way through the book of James! The book of James has been described as the New Testament equivalent of the Book of Proverbs. It is full of practical wisdom that speaks to our daily life as followers of Jesus. One author rightly captures the aim writing that “James urges disciples to let what they have learned about God and from God to move like leaven throughout their whole person—mind, heart, speech and action.” My prayer is that we will see every area of our life shaped by our relationship with Jesus Christ.

The corporate teaching of the Bible, e.g. the Sunday sermon, is a great introduction to biblical truth. However, putting it to work daily requires accountability and personal engagement with likeminded brothers and sisters. Another great expectation for this upcoming year is an emphasis on our Sunday School ministry. The Sunday School group provides a place where these essential relationships unfold. So, I encourage you to think about the persons in your life that offer continuing encouragement and challenge to live out your faith. If you cannot immediately create a mental list of those persons, you need to intentionally seek out those relationships starting with a Sunday School group! This year we will look to intentionally multiply our Sunday School groups to increase opportunities for biblical community!

In it all, know that it is the Lord who sustains and leads His body! Take a moment to give Him praise for His faithfulness over the preceding year, call for pardon where we’ve fallen short, and petition that we will bring Him glory in the coming year!

Your Servant,

Pastor Matt

Jason Luber