June 2019

Dear Sandy Creek Family,

I pray this message finds you preparing for an enjoyable Summer. As families, we will enjoy vacations, family gatherings, and holiday celebrations. It is my hope that you will see each occasion as an opportunity to give testimony to God’s great goodness and celebrate His wonderful works. King David challenges us with his declaration “I will praise You every day” (Psalm 145). Still, it is easy in the busyness of vacation, summer activities, getting the kids off to college, or a “to do” list to neglect the regular gathering of the faith family. This well-known phenomenon, coined the “summer slump”, ought to be challenged by the church.

One article on the topic sadly offered “some churches take a lackadaisical attitude that many of the pews or chairs are going to be empty in the Summer, and they can’t do anything about it.” We will not have a lackadaisical attitude about the corporate worship of the all-powerful God. I challenge you to heed the words of the author of Hebrews who calls us to avoid “staying away from worship meetings, as some habitually do.” (Hebrews 10:24b, HCSB). If you find yourself traveling – make time to connect with a Bible believing church and join in worship. If you have conflicting activities, plainly and ardently prioritize worship. Consider the message and example the faith family communicates to the onlooking community when we prioritize Summer activity over corporate worship. The same article closed by saying “if you asked most Christians what was the first priority in their life, they probably would give the dutiful answer, God. But if you looked at how they spend their Sundays, especially in the Summer, I think it would prove different.” Our aim is to be moved by the call of David – “I exalt You, my God the King, and praise Your name forever and ever. I will praise You every day; I will honor Your name forever and ever.” (Psalm 145:1-2, CSB)

To help combat the “summer slump” Sandy Creek has several opportunities to stay connected with the faith family. Not the least of which is the ability to partner in our quickly approaching Vacation Bible School. Make a point to commit to serving alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ in providing an engaging and Gospel centered experience for youth in our community. Secondly, our early service at 9 a.m. allows you to prioritize the corporate worship and enjoy the remainder of the day. Also, our Sunday School groups continue to meet throughout the Summer. I am going to encourage each adult class to look for a time to host informal gatherings (e.g. cookouts, picnics, or other social events). Also, keep your eyes peeled for news on our plans to celebrate some of the Summer holidays as a faith family. Summer will be a blessed time at Sandy Creek Baptist Church, and I invite you to come and join in.

Your Servant,

Pastor Matt

Jason Luber