Summer Mission Trip 2018

July 22-28, 2018

Sandy Creek sent a mission team to Roanoke, Virginia July 22-28 for its summer mission trip. We worked at the Keystone Community Center in SE Roanoke. Team members were Clark Wade, William Edwards, Matt Gowin, Kaylie Bennett, Brayden Bennett, Emma Elliott, Matthew Morris, Dustin Cordell, Morgan Wade, Joy Wade, Bobby Wade, Ed Rickmond, Joe Warriner, Mark Wilkinson, Brittney Cope, David Cope, Brandi Fawcett and Denise Norman. We painted the inside of the community center, painted the kitchen cabinets, did a lot of organization in the center, built a bench outside, worked in the garden, laid down a brick floor in the garden for the new greenhouse, worked on cleaning up the alleys in the community and also put up new walls for the inside stairway. On Friday, we used Liberty University’s block party trailer and hosted a block party which was a success and brought a lot of kids in the community to the center and the neighboring church. The week was a success and we look forward to partnering with Keystone Community Center and 17th Street Baptist Church in the future. Thank you for all of your prayers and support and please continue to keep Keystone Community Center and the surrounding community in your prayers!

~William Edwards

Jason Luber